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Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We have been so worried about Alex's health this year. Shon and I had hoped that it would be the year of "no asthma trips to the hospital". We should have added year of "no crazy bacteria strains" as well. Alex is normally very healthy. However, somehow he ended up with a bacterial infection that has caused him to lose 32 pounds since the beginning of January. He went in for an endoscopy today and was put under general anesthesia. Ironically getting the IV bothered him more than the thought of a camera going down his throat. Luckily, one of the nurses up there was one of our good friends from Scouting. She helped calm him down. We ended up with some really gross pictures of his esophagus and stomach. We learned that the bacteria has caused severe ulcers which in turn are inflamed enough to start bleeding badly very soon. Hopefully today has given the Dr. information to figure out what is going on and start to cure him. He is not happy because he can't eat many foods for a minimum of six months, one of those foods being pizza. On a funny note, he saw the pictures of his stomach and thought they were so cool he wanted me to do a scrapbook page. I was taken aback and mentioned that I hadn't thought about it (honest!) and said I didn't bring a camera. He laughed and told me to use the one on my cell phone. So here are some pictures of Alex today, No gross stomach ones ~ I promise!


Colett said...

Good job Alley for being so brave when I know things like this can be scary. Hopefully you are on the mend. Lookin good though!

Joan Ostler said...

Oh the trials we have to go through are not always easyare they? That cute Grandson of mine better stick with the program and get well very soon.

Mom O