The world is but a canvas to the imagination...
Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shon is working evenings out at a corn maze this year. The theme is Pirates of the Cornibean...appropriate for my pirate! Sorry Colett, we couldn't match the pig :-) but did attempt the "scary pose" which didn't turn out to be that scary. Cute, but I don't even think the sheep were afraid of Lissie and Toby! Joey turned out to be paparazzi shy and we couldn't get hardly any photos of him.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why am I up?

Recently we took a foray back into baby world. Don't worry, not a human baby, this one has decidedly more fur, sharp teeth and little claws. She also has a wonderful personality, creates laughs by just walking into the room and filled a hole we didn't realize existed in our home. As the boys have gotten older, their allergy to cats has disappeared. Dogs (except for Fozzie) we still have problems with, but unless it is a house filled with cat hair we are fine. Just to be on the safe side, she came on a trial basis. Shon and I love cats. We do not love houses that smell like cats, or cat litter, or cover you with hair. But we do love cats. We had cats our entire marriage, (starting with a very young kitten we rescued while dating) until Joey developed asthma as a toddler. The Dr. discovered it was Reactive Airway disease which is immune system based. Not sure if he was allergic to cats but to be on the safe side and allow his lungs to develop we sadly found new homes for our pets. (Thanks Lenny and Kathy) Even though subsequent allergy testing found only a mild allergy to cats, we still refrained from adopting one in order to give the boys time for their lungs to strengthen. Even with RA outside irritants can irritate their lungs.

Recently Shon and I have been talking about getting a kitten again. The boys have stayed in houses with cats and played with them without reaction. We planned to get one after Christmas. A week ago Saturday, Shon surprised us with this little cutie! She is 7 weeks old and litter trained (yahoo!) Someone had left her at the Heights Veterinary Office in a little carrier, with food, her kitty litter and water. She was still warm so she hadn't been there very long. Our friend PD called Shon and they arranged the whole surprise. Toby named her Pumpkin Spice and she is a great little cat. She hasn't had one accident and is very loving and playful. We love having a cat again! After this week, without any allergy outbreaks or asthma attacks, we decided that we will be able to keep her. Yay!