The world is but a canvas to the imagination...
Henry David Thoreau

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mad Scientists!

Remember when you were a child and any toy could become something else? I went into Joey's room the other day and the kids were playing with their ds lite's. They had repurposed them however, into something very clever! They had pulled out shirts to use as lab coats and were pretenting that they were scientists. They used a science kit that Joey had and then added their own elements such as bracelets for petri dishers, knex pieces for lab tools and the ds lite as a scanner. They had placed a bioncle squid on the "scanner" for observation. I love how kids use their imaginations. We are so lucky that ours will spend hours playing together.

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Joan Ostler said...

I love that your children are best friends to each other and play so well together. I hope they inherited SOME of that imagination from me.

Mom O