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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I wondered where to get one of those!

I loved Aunt Betty so much. I really enjoyed getting to know her. One of the things that would make me smile was the generation gap between us. I know that I am a saver, but she NEVER threw stuff away if it still had a use! Now, as a number cruncher, she was incredibly organized. Her house was not overrun with junk, but the things that she saved were filed, labeled and put away. When she passed away it was very sad to go into her room at the nursing home and clean things out...I did smile though when I opened her drawer and pulled out this wrapper filled with cups. You see, she hated using the cups from the nursing home because she thought they were filled with germs, so I would bring her disposable cups. In order to keep them neat in her bedside drawer she would take a few out of the big package and put them in this little plastic sleeve from a smaller package. I started laughing when I actually read the printing on the plastic and knew I had to share this fun memory with you. Look at the first, nothing strange...

Okay, excuse the fact that I took the picture upside down, at first it looks like a normal plastic bag.....Then look at the corner below. I wondered where in the world I could still get those! :-)

Yay! Now I know what to get y'all for Christmas...Who wants Rick Springfield? And under the Dora Hall section what the heck is tramping?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dreaming of Dragonflies

While taking out the garbage the other day, Joey made a new friend. He came back with a little hitchhiker on his shirt. We couldn't get her to leave. I don't know if it needed to rest or just wanted to hang out with a cool guy, but the dragonfly stuck around for a photo shoot before she left. We actually had to go outside and shake his shirt before she flew off into the sun. She was so pretty with those jewel tones and those delicate wings.

You can't see it in the picture, but her wings were moving so fast that they seemed to hum.

Isn't the detail amazing. We kept thinking that she would spook and fly away while we were looking at her, but apparently she was a diva dragonfly as well as being a beauty queen because she basked in our admiration.

Time to fly away home little friend.......

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have been having a hard time dealing with my weight, and was appalled the other day when I was folding my jeans and saw the size of my hind end. So I decided that something needed to change. The weight is a long term change and will take a while to show any difference, I am working on it, but a short term change was in order! Two things were I will no longer fold my jeans since it is WAY too depressing lol! Two, I can can chop off my hair and and have fun. I may be the short chubby chick, but I will be the short chubby chick with attitude! ;-)

Before the haircut...feeling frumpy.......
After the haircut...feeling sassy......
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

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I found these pictures of Joey and Lissie when I was looking through some files on the computer. It made me think of the special friendship that they have had from the beginning. Joey was only six months old when Lissie "surprised" us. Even before she was born, he would "wrap around" my stomach and coo to her. She would kick back and they would have long "conversations". When she was born, he was always gentle with her and they would still coo back and forth for a minutes at a time. She was a very happy baby, but seemed even more content when he was around. When Liss was old enough for a crib, we had to place it next to Joey's and they would fall asleep holding hands through the bars. Early on, the two of them developed their own world and language, much like twins. The look so much alike and have the same build that we have been asked if they were twins ever since they were toddlers. Even as pre-teens, they are still the best of buds. I think it is really cool that they are such good friends and very tight, their friends have quickly learned to not come between them! I hope that they retain this friendship!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beautiful Things Tag

Amy came up with this challenge, so armed with my camera I explored our yard and came up with the following things that I love.....

1) the light through my lilac bush in front of my living room window.

2) The gate leading into our backyard. A gate always seems like it leads to adventure....
3)I love this frivolous little metal plate by our gate. I think that it is really pretty and love the fact that it serves no other purpose that to make you happy.

4) For the first time in our married life, we have been able to put in a garden. Who knew that lurking under Shon's computer guy exterior was a farmer? He spends many happy hours out there, spurning all help with weeding (no complaints from us there) and watering. I think he may even talk to them. We tease him that my DH has turned into a SOS (Son Of the Soil). He has done a great job. Here are a few things I love about the garden.

We have several tomato bushes, all of are looking forward to fresh tomatoes!

Look at that row of corn! So straight you'd think he was a professional!

Mmmm....yummy raspberries, and so pretty too!

5) I love flowers and have derived great joy in being able to fill our house with flowers from our yard. We moved in while everything was hibernating, so we had no idea what was planted. This spring and summer have been a time of discovery.

There are roses, which remind me of my Nana, who loved to garden. When she lived with us on Vancouver Island we had roses planted all over the yard. It was so beautiful and fragrant!

I had no idea that a peony bush was hidden in the corner of the yard! It has a really intense scent. Only two blooms this year, but now we know it is there, we can take care of it!

This little bush was the scrubbiest, ugliest dead looking thing until a few weeks ago. We woke up one day and it was covered in little white flowers. Hmm, maybe we have to think twice about it now.....

This is the tree right in between our driveway and front walk. I have no idea what it is, but I love the leaves and flowers, Shon hates it and wants to cut it down. The negotiations continue....

Last but not least is the numbers on our house. Not because I like the style of those lovely chunky 80's wood things, but because of what they represent, a place that we have dreamed about and saved for what felt like an eternity for....a home of our own. (yeah I know it is sappy ~ what did you expect? I may be a Wednesday, but every once in a while a Pollyanna-ism slips through...must be the company I keep!)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Joey is 12!

Time for another sappy post! The amazing Joto is 12 today! I am blown away by how quickly this all happened. It probably went by in a flash since you have kept me running since the day you were born! You were such a cute sweet little baby, with a huge smile and who also HATED to sleep! The only way you would sleep is when you were either in the car, in your swing or in our arms! Since it isn't advisable to drive the car while sleeping, we quickly went out and bought a swing we could plug in. I really enjoy your sense of humor and quick wit. You are such an inquisitive person which started at a very young age. (Every screwdriver in the house had to be locked up) Even with all of your health troubles with asthma your bravery and charm made every nurse up at St. V's Hospital your fan. I used to try everything to keep you safe when you were younger and your skin was so fragile, but you still showed just the sweetest nature even while in daily pain. What a blessing now that you have outgrown that and your skin is so healthy. I love that you still come up and say "I haven't gotten my daily hug" no matter where we are, and even at Scout Camp whenever your patrol walked by you would break away and tell me what you were doing and give me a hug and kiss without making me beg. It takes a strong man to do that. I am so proud that you are going to receive the priesthood on Sunday and start passing the sacrament. I love you Joby. Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Toby's Baptism

We are a bit behind in our blogs, so look for several over the next few days. Toby was baptized on the 22nd. I can not believe that it was our last one! His little friend Emma was born on the same day and they wanted to get baptized together. Our families are friends and so we thought it would be great organize it togther. Bishop Wardell gave permission for them to be baptized on their birthday. Toby and Emma were so cute, I will post a picture of them that we took after the baptizm that her Grandfather took when I receive it. Here is a picture of Toby that we took right before we left for the church. What a cute boy! Lots of friends came and it was a wonderful way to celebrate!

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