The world is but a canvas to the imagination...
Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Survivor 2010 ~ Alfia Island

Survivor 2010 ~ Alfia Island kicked off in style this year.  Located in the wilds of Grandma Joan's backyard in the desolate wasteland of Lehi, Utah,  three intrepid souls braved Hurricane Millie, Tornado Toby and dangerous chalk wounds.  These hardy souls existed on local delicacies such as twigs, grass, a few flowers known from the genus species "Don't~tell~grandma~we~picked~her~petunias" and rocks wrapped in leaves and baked in the sun.  They built shelters using the wide foliage of the "golf~us~umbrella" plant and even adopted a little UT native boy they found running around.  Below are a few pictures that our camera woman was able to snap while braving great danger of drowning from the merciless powers of Hurricane Millie and Tornado Toby. Enjoy......

The girls make quick work of building a shelter.

Yum baked rocks anyone?

Apparently the natives of Lehi Utah are stinkin' adorable.

Lissie grinds down the "dangerous" chalk to render it powerless (and messy)

Danger from above!  Millie has defected to become "Hurricane Millie" and brought along her buddy "Tornado Toby".

This what happened to the poor souls who didn't listen to the weather warnings. Let's take a moment of silence please......

Let's hear it for the winners of Survivor 2010 ~ Alfia's Island!

I seriously LOVE the imagination of kids!  We can learn so much from them.  Chalk, leaves and Grandma's golf umbrellas led to hours of fun cousin playtime.