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Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oh Baby

There is something so amazing about a newborn baby. You lose yourself just staring at their perfection, amazed that such a short time ago they were with Heavenly Father. I think that having children built my testimony in an entirely unexpected way. I loved how soft they were, each little detail perfection and marveled at God's creation. I took a picture of each of my children at one week old. I have always loved those pictures. I have scrap booked them (surprise, surprise) but also wanted them out for display. When I found these 12x12 canvases, I knew they were the answer. Each of my kids has a favorite color, so I carried some elements through, like a crown (child of Christ), wings (to fly), key (guess why), a flourish (cause I like them) loll, and a stamped clock with the time they were born. I also put their full name, (should have used an S for Alex, but we never call him Shon) and the date they were born. Such a fun project. I really do love how they turned out.


Joan Ostler said...

It's funny, I never noticed the clocks before but I LOVE that idea!
It's a fun way to scrapbook the walls. Good job.

Mom O

JayandCassandra said...

Those turned out GREAT Kee!!! Of course we knew they would. I think Joey's is my fav.