The world is but a canvas to the imagination...
Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Love is Just a Roll of the Dice...

                                   I would like to introduce you to my new love...Yahtzee

      Actually, my love affair with this game started when I was a little girl.  Nana taught me how to play.  My Dad's mum was enamoured with it and spent hours playing, either with partners or solo.  We learned early and she even bought us our own dice.  I had pink ones.  I loved them.

     We then started the search for unusual dice, I still have a couple left.  A bone one and a hollow metal die that rattles.  A few more stick  in my mind as coveted memories, I once found a large clear one that housed a tiny die inside.  I loved it so much, but was never able to buy it.  The other one had tiny carvings for all of the number markers.  It was so much fun, we sewed little pouches for them that hung from our belts. Little felt houses for the treasures that loom so large in childhood.
     I remember laying clothed in lovely 70's bell bottoms on our woven rag rug, elbows perched on a corduroy pillow playing Yahtzee with my little sister...each of us yearning for that coveted five dice achievement...YAHTZEE!  We would jump up in a wild banshee dance when we got one.  My Nana and parents made sure we didn't play gambling games with our dice, but if we had, my bet would have been firmly placed on my sister every time.  Golden Fingers Bobbers should have been her name.  One game she rolled 7 Yahtzee's! 

     That is the Yahtzee of the past.  We still play it as a family.  I taught my children at a young age as a tool to help with math.  It is still fun to hear the click of the dice and throw them down excited to see what you get.  Shon and I love to play it with the two of us as well...

Lately though,  I find myself turning to one I stole from one of my children.  A small electronic hand held game that we found and rescued during a room excavation cleaning.  It fits perfectly in my purse pocket, I play it at night when I am too tired to read, in the car (no not while driving silly) and during the many, many, many times I am waiting for children. 

I have a sneaking fear that it might be Mom O's.  One she lent lost to my rug rats years ago.  You have to understand, I would give this woman anything, after all she gave birth to my best friend.  I would and have give her chocolate, time, craft items, laughter and tears, after all she is one of my best friends as well. 

    However, I can not, will not give her my new boyfriend....Electronic Yahtzee.  loll