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Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Things that make you go Huh?

We were shopping the other day for Christmas presents and stopped by the Littlest Pet Shop toys. They are these big eyed, big headed animals with little bodies and accessories that you can play with. There are several different kinds, and all sorts of scenarios, surfing, Dr., holidays, sporty, groovy, baby etc. A toy for everything...including one that comes with it's own poop! We couldn't believe it! Shon just shook his head, but for some weird reason it cracked me up. I can not believe that some one seriously designed this toy. It must have been thrown into a design meeting as a joke...the person waiting for someone to wake up and go huh? But instead of that happening we had an Emperor's New Clothes scenario where everyone said, "How brilliant! We will teach children how to be responsible by selling a cute little pooch with it's own plastic poo and a scooper! We will be responsible for the next generation of geniuses!" What they needed was someone to stop texting during the meeting, look at the design board and say, "What?!? You really want us to sell a big headed dog with it's own crap? Why not! The American public will buy anything!" There is probably a tracking device in it, so that they can chortle and mark another one up to blind consumerism every time a pooch 'n' poop combo is sold. :-) I know this is a strange thing to blog about, maybe it was low blood sugar, but I just found the whole thing funny. I found a picture of it on the Hasbro website. You tell me what you think. Be nice, or a poopy pooch might be in your stocking this year!

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Amy said...

I know exactly why you are blogging about this....because you are now an Ostler and that is right up our alley for humor! Actually, if you think that is bad, I got this email the other day - you need to check it out: