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Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Concert

Lissie and Joey had their Christmas concert on Monday. I didn't take any pictures there, because gym pictures don't turn out on my camera. For some reason they are always blurry. We decided to goof around and take some at home, to mark the big day. They were supposed to wear Christmas colors, so Liss wore this cute shirt with rhinestones on it with her cammos (the cammo is made up of flowers and butterflies ~ so cute!) and we wrapped her up like a package with a bow to finish things off. Joey humored me by putting on his red tee with a green shirt over it. :-) Behind them you can see the start of my mural on the living room wall. It is just sketched in right now. Our weather got cold and with the boy's asthma, I can only paint when I can leave the windows open. It was fun to see how the kids had improved since the beginning of the year. The 5th grade band played, then the orchestra kids, then the 6th grade band. Other than being proud of my kids and how they played, my favorite part was watching the drummers. I don't think that they remembered that we could see them the whole time since they were standing. My friend's son was making the funniest faces I have ever seen while the orchestra was playing. There were a lot of squeaks and growls coming from them and he was pretending that he was dying, and then opening his eyes and crossing them etc. He was doing it for the benefit of the other drummers, but we all enjoyed the show!

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