The world is but a canvas to the imagination...
Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wax Museum

Ah, you can always tell when 5th grade rolls around. Parents sitting calmly, enjoying a rare moments rest on a Tuesday night, when out of the blue "someone" (we won't mention Joey's name) urgently says, "Mom, I need to look like Abraham Lincoln on Thursday morning! I need black hair, a suit, a background poster and oh yeah, I told Kris you could help him with his costume and Lane that you could make him a half bald Benjamin Franklin wig." First order of business. Repeat in a monotone with a modicum of panic...I love my child, I love my child....Then get down to business. Call in a favor from a friend, I helped turn her daughter into Annie Oakley at last years wax museum, surely Ranae has a suit jacket. Dig the magician's top hat out of the toy box...wonder where the rabbit went to? I am not an American citizen yet, but I am pretty sure that Abe didn't need a rabbit so we are okay. Add church pants and Abe is looking pretty snazzy, except for the fact that my child is blond and has not started growing facial hair yet...Joey is REALLY attached to his hair. He wanted to dye it black until he realized that he would have to buzz it afterwards. As he and I were scrubbing paint off of my kitchen floor, cabinets, counter and the stove hood (don't ask me) I realized that we have tons of powdered tempra paint. So we mixed up some of the black and gave it a go. It actually worked! I wish that I had taken some on the first day of the museum, it was black. Then the second day it faded (which is a good thing)I had to laugh at him and Colton (his vice-pres)With Joey's hat pushed so far back he looked like a slightly derelict president, you couldn't see Colton's feet, but his shoes were off and he was wearing crazy socks. They both received an A+ though. I wonder who Lissie will be next year? By the way, it has been several weeks and even though I am obsessive about clean hands, my nails and cuticles are still black. Joey's hair is back to blond though!

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