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Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Letting Go

Today was probably the hardest first day of school for me since Ali started kindergarten. Somehow the thought of him starting Highschool at Skyview just made my heart ache. Mostly because he is changing very fast. When Alex was so ill this spring, and home for 5 weeks, we were able to spend alot of time just hanging out. While I fearfully prayed everyday for him to get better quickly and resume his life, I also cherished each minute spent with him. He has a offbeat silly sense of humor. I learned that Alex is much tougher than I realized, emotionally he is in a very mature place. His laid back attitude masks a strong resolution to not get "caught up" in the social games most kids his age play and go towards the goals he has set. He shaves now (and will kill me for telling all of you that) and actually has very blond, but rough stubble when he doesn't shave for several days. He hugged me good bye before school and when I felt that roughness on my little boy's face, I didn't know whether to tease him or cry, so I just kidded with tears in my eyes. I didn't go to the Highschool that morning, partly because of time and trying to get kids four different directions, but I think that the real reason deep down it that I couldn't bear to see him walk through that front door dwarfed by the size of Skyview. I asked Shon if he seemed nervous, lonely or even a little bit scared. Of course what I forgot was that those are all mom emotions, or momotions as my kids call them. In real life he hopped out of the car and walked into a new phase of his life confident and expecting the best. A great attitude for life in general I think. One more first step down and one more step closer to adulthood.!

Super Alex!

This is the pose I will use to fool my teachers....

When is this photo shoot going to be over?


Joan said...

I can't believe he is in high school either. Where is that beautiful baby I used to sing to sleep. Now you are making me cry.
Keep eating right Alex, we don't want you sick again. That was hard to go through for us all.
Good luck in school this year.

Grnadma Joan

Lesli said...

What a handsome young man and what an awesome attitude an spirit he has. I can't believe he is in high school! I'm not his mom and I am sad :) Best of luck to him this year!

Amy said...

I can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday that I was walking through those same doors myself! Little did I know that several years later my "little" nephew would be walking the same halls, and sitting in the same classrooms! If you could tell him to stop growing up, I would appreciate it!
P.S. He looks great and I am so glad he is feeling better!