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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day 2008

No, we haven't disappeared! Starting in May and ending in June we tend to be swallowed up by Cub Scout Day Camp. Most people don't realize the size of this camp, it is the largest Cub Scout camp in MT. This year we had about 360 boys come through in one week with just over 110 of those boys and a parent/guardian spending Friday night. It turns into a family vacation for us, all of our kids involved, Shon as the director, I do the paperwork/t-shirts and Alex works as a Junior guide out there. We ended camp on Saturday. With such a large camp, clean-up takes several days and many u-haul loads to return things to normal. Shon and I decided to have a fajita fest with the crew that showed up to help out. One of the things that we love about scouting is the families that we have become so close to. Since it was Father's Day, the gals and I decided to surprise the guys with cakes. The theme of camp this year was Knights of the Big Sky which led to many Monty Python jokes from the staff. We kept calling them the Knights who say Ni, so that was a very natural thing to put on the one cake. When I went to order it, the teenager who took my order gave a blank look and made me write it out. He must not have watched the movie! ;-) I love my husband so much. He is such a good father and role model, and I have had to privilege of watching him be that not only to our kids, but through his calling with the young men at church and the hundreds of Cub Scouts he is in contact with. I am proud of you honey!
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Joan said...

I agree his is a great Dad. I didn't see the movie either. I think you were sandwiched between generations, the young cake boy on one end and me on the other. So what is "Ni"?

Mom O

Joan said...

BTW...who's that SASSY girl in the pink hat?