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Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to Blogland....

Whew, I am not sure about everyone else, but in our house, summer does not gently creep into our lives. It smacks us upside the head and says triumphantly "Baby, I'm Back!!!!"

Don't get me wrong, we love summer. May and June are just psycho months. Here is our life in a nutshell,
1)We went to Utah for Mother's day~more to follow
2)Cub Scout Day Camp preparations including, paperwork, set up, painting a 20 foot long pirate ship, day camp itself, take down, more paperwork ~ more to follow
3) Some fun and cool crafts squeezed in here and there including, cards, jewelery, canvases, and a fun mannequin that my s-i-l Colett gave me. (No C, it didn't end up with Lissie lol) ~more to follow
4) Many hours of prayer, and discussions, leading to my sweet hubbie following a dream, which means a location change for us ~ More to follow.
5)Challenges and fun with my church calling.
6)Building a pirate fort for my 9yr old's birthday ~ more to follow.
7)Looking up the meaning of sleep, since we aren't getting any! :-)

One of the projects I have been working on was sparked by one of my best friends Wendi. She showed me a site where words are spelled out by architectural elements. I am trying to spell out Ostler. Here are the letters I have so far. Not loving the T, any ideas?...Everything else my friends will have to follow in further posts. Happy Summer!


The Checketts Family said...

I'm so glad that other people have as much craziness as we do! So good to see and hear (at least a little bit) about what's happening with your family.

Joan said...

Oh your "E" is very clever. I am still working on mine too. Every time I see interesting architectural elements, however, we are in the car zooming by and I don't get the shot.

I am waiting for all the "more to follow" blog entries.

BTW, I think you can find a better T.... in my humble opinion. Or not, if you love it. LOL

Ceri said...

That's so AWESOME!