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Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History and Gratitude

I just watched Barak Obama sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. Regardless of political viewpoint or party affiliation, this was an amazing moment. Many thought that we would never see an African American man sworn in as president. I am always glad to see movement forward when it comes to outdated prejudices. My concern is less with his color, indeed, I am half amused and half appalled when that continues to be mentioned. My concern is where our country will go from here. I think his speech was brilliant. President Obama is gifted in rhetoric and his delivery would earn high marks in any speech and debate tournament. :-)
I applauded his insistence at including God and faith repeatedly in his speech. A movement brave in the current fad of opposition of faith as an outdated and ignorant tradition.
I smiled when he reminded America that so much of success here depends on working hard and making your own success and not having that handed to you. Indeed, something that many Americans needed to hear.
I grinned to see the excitement of his young daughters, taking in the sight of their father taking the oath and recording this moment on their little digital cameras.
I cried when I listened to Elizabeth Alexander's poem. I hope to get a copy of it. It was simple, gritty and real, with hope threading it's way through.
I thought it was interesting how there was a hard edge running through his message to other counties, promising to hold to ideals and still fight for freedom. I wonder how that will impact our troops.
I was saddened and disappointed in those small minded individuals that booed former President Bush as he walked in. Regardless of your feeling, it was tacky and inappropriate.
I was untouched by the awkward, pre-written prayers during the invocation and benediction. I felt that they were less prayers from the heart and instead a platform for them to express their political views.
I am eager to see where our country goes from here. I am glad that my husband and children are American citizens and look forward to one day soon, taking my own oath as a citizen and moving forward towards being able to vote and take part in this amazing gift. The gift of democracy.

I think that today, was an historic day for many reasons and I am glad that I could watch it unfold, in a free country. Gratitude fills my heart.


Jem said...

Great post Kee. I, too, am proud and grateful to be an American today. No matter what your political party is, he is our president and we need to rally behind him just like generations before us have done.

Joan said...

I also was so glad to see God included in the ceremonies. If nothing else right now, our country needs hope and I think we are seeing that again.

Lesli said...

I agree with every thought you had :)