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Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Antiques Show

With four kids it is sometimes hard to make time for just one of them. This time is was easy. It all started when Alex won tickets on the radio to the Huff's Antique Show.
We took off on a sunny day to have a good time. We both love picking through piles at second hand stores, antique stores and garage sales.

There were some amazing things there. One of them was this toy circus. It was huge, covering a whole table top. The animals were all jointed and hand carved. Each of the tiny flags were hand painted.
I like to try and imagine the children that played with this. Some of the animals look really loved. I wonder if they all had names?
Crap! Run for your lives!!! There are really freaky scary evil clowns taking over the circus! Don't be fooled by the fancy piano playing...he wants your soul! (I hate clowns!)

I loved the vintage Halloween items. The clapper was amazing. She was called the "Beautiful Witch". The candy basket and the owl were pressed out of paper. The cat looks like it wants to eat the plastic turkey cake topper. Don't look now, but there is another scary this time to try and blend in with Santa.

Alex and I loved this Santa and sleigh. We loved how the whole things was painted with such attention to detail...until you got to his mustache. You can't see it very well from this picture, but his mustache is just a dotted outline. Not painted in or anything. I wonder, did the artist get bored or was it a protest against Santa's luxurious facial hair?
Confession time. Alex has a wild side. Playing the antique slot machines. We loved the painting on the drums.

What a fantastic day. I love hanging out with Alex. He is so much fun and not only puts up with me taking pictures to blog and scrapbook but comes up with ideas for them and poses! I know that in just under 5 years he is off on a mission, so I'll store up all of these dates that I can. Next year we are looking forward to going back!


Joan said...

Maybe the Santa with the dotted mustache used to have a cotton one or something like that. I would have loved going to the antique show with you. Alex is changing so quickly now. He's a very handsome young man.

Lesli said...

Looks like you both had a great time - you have to love those precious Mom and child moments! He is truly growing up to be a handsome fella - soon to break many girls hearts :)

JayandCassandra said...

That's freakin awesome!

Ceri said...

You are one lucky mamma to have your 13 year old son still want to hang out with you and choose to take YOU places...(yeah, I know he couldn't have gotten there without you) HOWEVER you must be doing something right because he still really likes you and wants to be with you.